Belting Fabrication & Accessories

Jerry Brothers Industries, Inc. is committed to continually improving our fabrication capabilities through investments in equipment and technology. Our Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC branches have some of the most advanced belting equipment available, which allows us to meet our customers’ needs quickly. We are capable of many different types of fabrication and stock a wide variety of belting accessories.

Belting Fabrication

  • Endless splices of all kinds
  • Metal lacing
  • Plastic lacing
  • Perforations
  • V-Guides
  • Cleating
  • Sidewalls
  • Longitudinal splices/seams
  • Encapsulated edges/sealed edges

Belting Equipment

  • Flexco
    • Roller Lacers
    • Hydraulic Lacers
  • Vulcanizers
    • Aero presses
    • Almex presses
  • Nylon core presses
  • Quick splice presses
  • Finger cutting equipment
  • Ply separation equipment

Belting Accessories

  • Scrapers
  • Lacing
  • Minet lacing
  • Cements
  • Skirt board rubber
  • Selvedge


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